A Quick Guide On How To Eat & Store Mangosteen

A Quick Guide On How To Eat & Store Mangosteen

Haryali on 19th Sep 2020

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Some fruits are just obscure & pesky, but that doesn't mean they need to be overlooked. The amount of nutrition they may provide would certainly make you give a shot.

Fresh Mangosteen is just the right fruit for calming down your cravings for sour-sweet taste. Perhaps it's not too bad to get your hands in some fruity mess.

So while dealing with Mangosteen, you just need to follow some simple steps that are mentioned below, rather than ending up hustling with the fruit & ruining it.

How to eat Mangosteen Fruit:

At the beginning, this fruit might seem to be a little ambiguous, but don’t fret. There are simple things you need to know before eating the fruit.

So here’s an interesting fact that could be used as some sorcery to amaze your friends or family. Just by looking at the fruit, you will be able to count the number of pieces inside.

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Just take a mangosteen & flip it over. The small flower-like structure on the bottom of the fruit will give you the idea of the number of pieces or segments inside it. You just have to count the number of petals of the flower, & the more petals are there, the more you’ll rejoice the pieces.

Now take a knife, and make a shallow cut (about 1/4 inch deep or so) around the equator of the fruit. Hold the bottom of the fruit in your palm and twist off the top half in such a way that a dark red colored skin is shown as soon as you peel it.

Just like sweet lime or pomegranate, the juice of the mangosteen fruit will be packed in an opaque creamy white flesh.

Now if you think that this flesh is edible, then you are quite wrong. It will be bitter & have to be discarded along with the outer covering of mangosteen. In some cases that flesh can be used to make mangosteen juice.

Press the flesh gently until it pops and loosens, secreting the sweet juice. You’ll have to suck it by the time it runs out of the flesh & stains your hands. (What a disappointment! )

How to store Mangosteen:

One thing you’ll have to take care of is that Mangosteen has a shorter shelf life. So after you receive it, refrigerate the pieces & consume them as early as possible.

Anyways, eating mangosteen is not an uphill task. You just need to know how it’s done, & after one or two attempts, you’ll be perfect at it.

So thank us later, just relish the opulence of the fruit!

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