About Us


About Us

Haryali  is an initiative based in Delhi, we started Haryali store as a solution for people like you and us who want to live a natural, chemical-free, and healthy life.

Today, where sustainable living has become essential, it is still hard to get your hands on organic produce due to high prices. Farmers are wary of growing because it takes triple the effort to get the crop out. Therefore we want to support the farmers who are willing to go an extra mile for you.

 Haryali : Farmer story

Our mission is to provide top quality certified organic produce with a hands-on approach, from sourcing to distribution.  

Improving lifestyles, setting culinary trends, & making you smile. Haryali Nursery LLP started this initiative of an All-in-one grocery store for your daily needs. From Veggies & fruits to Cereals & Flour, Haryali takes care of every necessity to ease your grocery shopping. We connect farmers from over 13 states in the country to serve you the best natural produce, devoid of any chemicals, additives, preservatives, & any sort of poison that can find the way from your food to your gut. Haryali's sole pursuit is to maintain the balance of health & taste in your life, by gifting you the bliss of nature while ensuring your safety. Get ready to rejoice the unmatched quality & impeccable taste of our exclusive products!

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We offer fresh fruits, farm fresh vegetables, handpicked dry fruits, and other bounties of nature that are free of harmful chemicals, toxic and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Our products are grown by farmers who believe that it is better to grow fruits and vegetables in the most natural way possible. Your health is our top priority, that’s why we offer the best products that will not only nourish your body but tickle your taste buds as well.

Let us together work for a wholesome and better lifestyle that not only assists in improving your overall health but additionally, saves the planet.